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Some elements to build a digital strategy

Better understand the challenges of a digital organization

Here we are addressing two major issues:


What is a good organization in the digital age?


How can we ensure that machines remain at the service of men when we see that the technical progress of recent years tends to produce the opposite?

The articles below offer a critical look at the usual responses to these issues, and offer methodological bases, or simply avenues to explore, to provide more satisfactory answers.

Getting organized, why, how?

Solow's paradox

The relational model, half a good idea

The 'cloud' or how to darken the sky of your company

The basics of digital organization

Storga in the history of administrative computing - a method-based approach

Possible strategies for building a digital organization

Very simply, to build your digital organization, there are now three main ways:


the poorly integrated approach which consists of building your organization on office automation, mainly spreadsheets, word processing and emails,


the assembly route consists of using a set of ready-made software, more or less configurable, such as CRM, ERP, project management, etc.
All these softwares are a user interface on top of a generally relational database.


The third and last way is to write your own application in a programming language.
Such an application will be specifically adapted to the target company but technically constituted as before of a user interface above a database.

Storga is a fourth that we had to open up to overcome the limits inherent in the three previous paths.

The following articles explain why the traditional three ways are not satisfactory, not so much because of limitations or bugs of this or that software, but because the approach is fundamentally inadequate. Basically, each of the three approaches leads to insurmountable structural problems.

The limits of traditional ways to build a digital organization

Storga in the history of administrative computing - a tool-based approach

The technical challenges faced by Storga

Finally, we will present some technical challenges that we had to overcome to make the Storga route operational. The guiding principle is the reduction of complexity. Basically, we have a good digital organization if we can add a lot of small automatisms without the complexity of the whole exploding.

An alternative to the relational model

Pliant: the programming language that made Storga possible

The story of Storga

Cohabitation with the existing, transition to Storga