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Hubert Tonneau

Hubert Tonneau has a university education since he holds a Magisterium in Applied Fundamental Mathematics and Computer Science from L’Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d'Ulm.

Then, contrary to what is usually done, he did not pursue an academic career, because he asserts “that one cannot seriously do computer science on paper only”.
However, it has not gone over to IT services companies (companies specializing in IT development) because its credo is rather: it is the users who are best placed to develop the tools that are really useful for their activity.

Working in industry, he has therefore always been primarily a user of the tools he developed. It is therefore very logically that he embraced the free software movement to which he contributed and continues to contribute via the Pliant language, published in 1999, a UFO in the small world of computer languages.

Hubert Tonneau is today the visionary who invents the technical solutions at the base of Storga.

Hubert Tonneau's personal website

Cyril Checroun

Cyril Checroun is a graduate engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, training which he completed with a Diploma in Accounting and Management.

Lui aussi a travaillé dans l'industrie, Imprimerie Nationale, Arjo Wiggins, Quebecor, puis Heliogroup où il a rencontré Hubert, et de 2006 à 2017 Cyllab, une usine automatique dont ils ont ensemble participé à la création.

His passion is methodology: “Getting organized, to make work efficient, comfortable and interesting”. It is therefore very logical that he found affinities with Hubert, the super developer capable of producing the tools he dreamed of.

Aujourd'hui, Cyril est l'utilisateur le plus expérimenté de Storga, dont il fixe les objectifs pour en faire le support idéal pour une organisation basée sur l'amélioration continue et l'excellence opérationnelle.

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Loic Dumas

After studying psychology and webmastering, Loïc Dumas quickly became interested in training.

His role in the team is therefore centered on the appropriation of the Storga tool by the users, their increase in skills.

However, Loïc Dumas is above all also a user of Storga since he is currently installed with his family in Cambodia where he has created a clothing store and clothing business which is fully managed with Storga.